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Wealth Building Opportunity with Avon

Wealth Building Opportunity With Avon

Are you ready to join my Award Winning National Team of Avon Representatives?  Start Now! 

 If you are looking to start your own business or make extra money, then you are in the right place.   We are always hearing about the next best wealth building opportunity.  Someone is always pitching the next best business to join.  There are many out there, but, they are not for everyone.

Need more information?  Here is my Avon journey…..

In my journey of sales and launching my own business, I’ve tried many opportunities.  From selling Kirby vacuum cleaners (yes, as I hang my head in shame lol) to selling Mary Kay.  I have tested and tried many, but nothing fit.

This is the thing.   I have always be drawn to entrepreneurship.   Something inside of me always knew that I was supposed create my own financial destiny.  I know that sounds corney, but,  that’s my story.  lol

Like I said before.  I have tried many businesses.  Jumped into many opportunities that are AMAZING.  But, nothing fit my lifestyle.  My journey started as a young lady with no children or husband and grew into working mom, wife, ministry leader, etc. etc. etc.  I now wear many hats.  So I needed something that fit my BUSY lifestyle.  

The summer of 2010,  I found myself doing my usual search.  I need more money.  What business shall I launch?   I just had my third baby girl and was preparing to return to my full time teaching position at a middle school.  Yes, I had a full time, salaried position as a teacher and it wasn’t enough.   Go figure.  lol

So I”m sitting in my kitchen in front of my computer asking God what I should do.  I literally heard him say Avon.  My response is classic Arrettres.  More questions.   Avon God?  Are they still in business?  Where do they sell Avon?  lol  I hadn’t heard of an Avon rep in years.  So I turned to facebook and posted a status.  “Anyone know someone that sells Avon?”  A childhood friend responded and connected me with her friend that sold Avon.  And my journey began.  I signed up immediately.  I received my starter kit within one week.   

But, did I get excited and start selling.  Of course not.   Why?  I’m not sure.  I do know that my upline probably thought I was the biggest flake ever.  A month went by before I actually opened the box and showed my first brochure to anyone.  Talk about a slow start.  But, guess who suddenly exploded on the scene.  Me!  My first order was over $500.  Whoo, whoo, go me!

Are you ready to join my Award Winning National Team of Avon Representatives?  Start Now!

You will hear many things about Avon.  You can search online to find thousands of reasons why you should or should not join Avon.  Trust me.  I have searched and read through most of them.   I can only tell you about my experience with Avon.

Why do I love selling Avon?

  1. It only cost $15 to get started.  Where else could I start a business for only $15?  No place other than Avon.    
  2. You determine how much money you make.  Either make $1 every two weeks or $10,00 every two weeks.  As a full time employee, you have to accept what your boss says you are worth. Not with Avon.  You work for yourself, go on vacation when you want and work when you want.  You even determine what level of commission you will receive.  Anywhere from 20% to 50%.  WINNING!
  3. You get a free website.  Yes the website is created by Avon.  It is completely free.  Anyone in the country can order directly from your website and have products shipped straight to their home.  How easy is that?  I love that I wake up every morning to see my business was not asleep.  Online orders are always a win-win.
  4. RESIDUAL INCOME!!!!  My favorite word.  In addition to the commission you will receive from your sales, you have the opportunity to receive residual income.  Every two weeks you will have money deposited into your checking account from Avon.   I used to use it to put gas in my car.  Now I use it to help support my family.  
  5. FREE GIFTS!!!!  Avon is always having incentives for it’s reps.  You name it.  Tablets, flat screen tv’s, vacations, etc. etc.  The list goes on and on.  All representatives are eligible to receive free gifts from Avon.  I LOVE gifts!
  6. You are never by yourself!   There is a learning style for every personality.  One on one training,  online training, conference calls, etc etc.   You will always have the resources available to help you successfully grow your business. 

There are many reasons why Avon is an amazing opportunity.   These are my favorite.  

Are you ready to join my Award Winning National Team of Avon Representatives?  Start Now!

I have an amazing team of representatives that I mentor and train.   I would love to help you too!  Join my winning team of Avon representatives.  Take your first step to an amazing Wealth Building Opportunity that will change your life today!  Complete this form and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Are you ready to join?  Select the image below to begin your journey today.

sell avon



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