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New Representatives Training

New Representatives Training

Welcome to Avon.  This page is created to help New Representatives build their business from initial appointment through LOA 7.  It contains training and information that will help you grow your Avon business.  Return to this page frequently because I am constantly updating with new material to help you.  You will also want to view Avon Flyers and Files for helpful resources.

Terms you need to know

Campaign – A campaign is the selling period for each brochure and lasts 2 weeks.  At the end of the campaign you submit the order to AVON.

LOA – Length of Association (this is how many campaigns you have been selling Avon)

RPS/MP – Campaign selling Calender or Mailplan  (this calendar tells you when all of your orders are due for the year)  It is very important that you print your RPS calendar and refer to it each campaign.


Of course you are welcome to create your own goal for each campaign.  But, the more you sell, the more you earn.  A realistic goal for a new representative is 20 customer orders every campaign.  This should give you at least an $500 order and $200 earnings in your pocket. 


  • Always collect payment from your customers up front.  This eliminates you having to track them down for payment once the product arrives.
  • Make sure every brochure has your Name, Phone Number and Website address on it.
  • Complete the Power of 5 Daily.  The Power of 5 is when you give a brochure to 5 new people every day 7 days a week.  Yes, it is just that simple.  While you are running errands, have 5 brochures in your purse.  Give them to people as you are going through your normal daily routine.  By doing this, you will potentially obtain 70 new customers every campaign. 
  • Never hesitate to contact your immediate upline, District Manager or myself if you need help growing your Avon business.  We will always provide you with strategies to increase your sales and help you find more customers.  But, remember it is up to you to implement those strategies.

Weekly/campaign tasks that will build a solid foundation for your Avon Business

*Select any of the bullets to be taken to the blog post.

Day of Appointment

Day 3

  • Welcome to Avon!
  • Submitting your first Avon order
  • Listen to the “Making the Shift” CD that came in your New Representative kit.
  • Plan your Avon Grand Opening Party!  This is a great way to launch your business.  Most representatives will sell $500 in products and earn $200 at their Avon Grand Opening Party.  Contact your immediate upline, District Manager or myself to help you with this exciting party. 

Week 1

Set aside time each week to complete 1-2 Training modules.  These trainings can be found at youravon.com under the training tab

  • Getting started on youravon.com
  • Launching your Avon business
  • Online ordering
  • Money Management
  • Beauty Basics

Loa 1

Loa 2

Loa 3

Loa 4

Loa 5

Loa 6

Loa 7

Arrettres Hollins



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