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Let’s start with you looking wealthy.  I am not talking about diamonds and pearls.   Nothing wrong with those materialistic things.  I’m a girlie girl that LOVES diamonds and pearls.  But we need to make sure your foundation is stable before we venture off into accessories.  Remember, accessories only enhance your beauty.  You are naturally beautiful all by yourself!  My joy is found in helping women unleash their inner Diva.  Adding a little fire to those beautiful eyes and jazz to those taping finger tips is my specialty.  Visit my Beauty Blog to view a couple of my most recent posts that will help you “enhance” your already natural beauty.  –> Beauty Blog

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What do you think about shopping from the comfort of your own home.   Many people don’t know that Avon is more than just your grandmothers lipstick company.   I have an entire line of make up, skin care products, accessories, shoes, home appliances and clothing available at your finger tips.   Shopping online is easier than ever with it’s free shipping codes and direct delivery to your home within 3-5 business days.  Shhhhh, I have  a secret code that I only give to my customers. 

avon, coupon codeYou can use the code when you check out and you’ll receive 20% off your order of $50 or more.  Who could ask for anything more??  Why wait! Get your coupon code now –> 20% Off Coupon Code

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Do you need to make extra money?  I have the answer for you!

You can start your own business for only $15 TODAY!   Start making an extra $300-$1000 a month while working for yourself.   I can also show  you how to turn one stream of income into multiple stream of income with this amazing opportunity.   Why am I involved??  I love residual income.  I sit back and money is deposited into my bank account every two weeks.  NO gimmicks.  I don’t believe in playing with people or their money.   Let me show you how to turn a one time $15  investment into $500 a month income.  –> Wealth Building Opportunity

Do you know an organization that needs to raise money?

Avon is currently offering organizations the opportunity to raise funds by having an Avon Fundraiser!  Avon has been successfully involved in fund-raisers all over the country.   Any and all organizations can participate in our fundraisers.  I’ve helped all kinds of organizations ranging from youth ministries to the girls scouts raise money for their projects and activities.  Click here to get more information now –> Avon Fundraising Opportunity

Women of Enterprise Business Directory

Look and Be Wealthy partners with other companies and organizations that share our philosophy to help women owned businesses and businesses that cater to the needs of women advance and grow their company in both economic and social standing.   View the websites of our partners in this weeks issue of  Women of Enterprise Business Directory.

If you are reading this, then your potential customers are also reading this.  List your business with us now!  View Details Here –> Advertise with us!

Are you ready to Look And Be Wealthy??  It is time to get ready!  Today is your day!

I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to be interviewed by Sasha Gordon & Melissa Jefferson of Black Denton Businesses.  Two articles titled The Hustler and Rising Above Opposition.  They highlight my accomplishments and give a little more information about me and my views regarding entrepreneurship.   Snippets of the interview can be viewed below.

What are people saying about Arrettres Hollins?

mechelle harris

The moment I made the decision to sell Avon, the first person to contact me was Arrettres Hollins.  She introduced herself as my Unit leader and made me feel very welcome. From the onset, I knew that I was in good hands because she answered every question that I had and no question was considered unimportant. Arrettres has stayed in contact with me, she has checked on me, assisted me through my first order and is still helping me with the same intensity that she had from Day 1.  Those qualities are hard to find in any business! To have someone take you under their wing to help you achieve your goals is very rewarding. Arrettres is a trendsetter that gives tips on sales strategies and recruitment.  If you have been blessed to meet Arrettres you already know that she is very personable, knowledgeable about this business and will always be there to guide you.

Mechelle Harris
Entrepreneur, CEO

  tanecia carter, life coach, business coach, avon

Having a lady such as Arrettres come into my life to help guide me in the right direction, helped to build my confidence within myself, and to never give up on my gifts that were within me all along.  I really thank God that I came into connection with her.  She has given me great insight on how to go about not only being a successful entrepreneur,, but, also how to balance being a mother, student, and woman of faith.  I have accomplished so much within the year and I know I needed that support and guidance through her.  She is simply amazing!

Tanecia Carter
Monai Artistry, CEO

jeanie design

A saw a post advertising a FREE  Coaching Session.  Since it was free, I thought it would be very basic and short with prompt to purchase more time by the end.  Boy was I surprised.  Arrettres helped me identify and come up with a very practical plan to get over some of my stumbling blocks keeping me from effectively working my business.  She gave such good information, it would have been well worth it if she charged for it.  Her passion for life and her business shows through her coaching.  It was a pleasure talking to her!

Jeanie Burns
City Loan, CEO


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