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The fastest way to find new Avon customers

One of the most important aspect of every business is having a strong customer base.   The more paying customers you have, the more money you make.  The struggle you sometimes experience is in finding new customers.   But, that doesn’t have to be the case.   I guarantee this next strategy WILL help you find new Avon customers FAST. Continue reading

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How To Effectively Follow Up With Customers

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in.  Your top priority is normally to reach new customers.  The more customers you have, the more money you will make.  Most business owners have an amazing grasp of this concept.

You’re eager to expand your audience, make new connections, and ultimately, grow your business.

But let’s think about something….. Once your business has reached a new audience member, or even if you’ve already delivered a great experience to a first-time customer, what are you doing to get your new customer back to your business? Continue reading

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7 Steps To Successfully Launch Your Avon Business

Who wants to start their business and watch it flop?  No one.   All entrepreneurs start their business with dreams of making extra money.  This is the QUICK GUIDE to launching your Avon business  in  7 easy steps.  Follow these steps to lay a solid foundation for your business.
Continue reading

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A quick way to get more Avon customers and build sales.

A quick way to get more customers and build your sales. Have a fundraiser for an organization.

Now you can offer organizations and schools our best-selling products.
Avon Fund-raising Facts
Did you know . . . .

  1. The average Customer order is over $15
  2. You receive 50% earnings in that campaign
  3. Organizations in need receive 40% earnings
  4. Avon Fund-raising is a fun, easy way to:
    • Increase your earnings and get more Customers
    • Achieve your President’s Recognition Goals
  5. Most Organizations will make $2000 and Representatives will make $500 for each fundraiser. *Earnings are based on fundraiser totals

Just complete the following three steps for Processing Fund-Raising Orders:
1. Register your Fund-Raiser at http://www.youravon.com; then click on Earning Opportunities, then Fundraising.
2. Process your Fund-Raiser order as a “Ship Separate” using product number 045-642. This will ensure that your order is identified properly.
Traditional brochure orders should be placed separately.
3. Please remember to fax a copy of the organization’s Tax Exempt certificate
to your Branch’s Fund-Raising Department. This certificate must be received
prior to the issuance of any tax credit.

If you have questions about any aspect of Avon Fund-Raising, please contact
your Branch Fund-Raising Department at 1-888-564-2866.

I try to have at least 1 fundraiser per month.   This is an achievable goal that will double your earnings every campaign.

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Arrettres Hollins

PS:  If you have a home business, click this link.  Enter your name and email address and you’ll receive my 5 Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs  for absolutely FREE.

If you are not already an Avon representative, Become an Avon Representative now.  You can begin your journey to financial freedom immediately by clicking this link –>  Let me show you how to turn a $15 investment into a $500 a month income!  


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5 Steps to Getting More Avon Customers

Let’s face it.  When you started your Avon business, you wanted to make more money.   As an entrepreneur, your #1 goal should always be to Get More Customers.   The more customers you have, the more money you will make.

One of the worst concepts I continue to see people embrace is selling only to their family and friends.   I’m sorry, I must bust your bubble.  Unless your family and friends consist of Oprah, Donald Trump, Bill Gates and 5 other wealthy people,  you will never make a lot of money.  You have to reach outside of your immediate circle and expand your clientele.  Yes, this means you will have to……..wait for it………talk to strangers.   I have at least 400-500 customers I have gained over the years.  Only 20 are family and friends or people that I knew before I started my business.   The rest are people that I met in Walmart, at the Library or someone that found my brochure in one of the thousand places that I leave them.  Continue reading

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Avon Campaign 4 – Recognition for Team Look And Be Wealthy

 Congratulations to the TOP Avon Representatives of Team Look And Be Wealthy. 

You are doing an amazing job and I am very proud of you.


  • Andre Grace $1,128
  • Sandra Tarno  $448

All $400 Club Members will have their name and website highlighted in my next newsletter!  This is great exposure for you and your AVON business.  Lets make it happen!

Want to achieve $400 Club Status and begin earning $200 or more EVERY two weeks?  View Wealth Building Strategies!  – How to earn $200 every campaign selling Avon?   or contact me for assistance asap!

*Top C4 Representatives in sales are:   wealth, home based business, sell avon

  1. Andre Grace
  2. Sandra Tarno
  3. Patience Omakor
  4. Linda Morris
  5. Rosa Bailey
  6. Josephin Magallanes
  7. Diane Arterburn
  8. Maran Wiebe
  9. Linda Thibault

Rewards and Recognition Online Catalog 2016

Are you tracking for Presidents Club?   It isn’t too late to jump on board and begin tracking.  I have proven strategies that will boost your sales tremendously and get you in!

View these helpful blog post that target building your sales and putting more money in your pocket!

Everyone is able to achieve Presidents Club with a a detailed plan and consistency.  I can definitely help you with a plan for success.  How can you achieve Presidents Club?

  • Sell an average of  $400 per campaign in campaigns 1 – 26 of the current year


  • Sell $10,000 in Avon products in campaigns 1-26 of the current year.

What are the benefits of Presidents Club? 

  1. You will receive 40% commission on ALL  orders placed from the time you achieve Presidents Club until the end of the following year.  So if you achieve Presidents Club in April of 2016, you will receive 40% earnings on all orders you submit from April of 2016 until December of 2017 (C26) 
  2. You will receive an exclusive invitation to the annual Presidents Recognition Gal.

Contact me asap so that we can work together and make sure you reach Presidents Club or view details be selecting the link below!

   View Details Regarding Rewards and Recognition Online Catalog 2016!

A very hearty WELCOME to the New Representatives of Team Prevail

** Stay connected! Join our Facebook group Team Look and Be Wealthy today!  This is a private group and only open to members of Team Look And Be Wealthy.  Once you send the FB request to join the group, send me a message so that I can quickly approve your request. 

Remember you are in business for yourself, but, you are never by yourself.  Contact me, your upline or District Manager if you have an questions about growing your business to a 6figure income today!

The Star Club!

 Want to join  The Star Club?  Just recruit at least one new representative every campaign.  That’s all you have to do.  Contact me when you sign your representative up every campaign and I will add you to The Star Club
 You are so close to receiving those bonus checks and advancing.  Don’t give up now!  
What do you need to advance?   
  1. Sign up 6 people (at least 3 MUST place an order)
  2. Have total Unit Sales of $1200
  3. Your personal campaign sales must be $200 or more


Add your name to this list.  Just say the phrase that pays to 3 new people a day.  “Do you know anyone that is interested in making extra $300-$400 a month?”  

Some of you are very close to advancing to Unit Leader and getting those advancement bonuses. 

Please review these blog posts.  They contain PROVEN strategies to successfully recruit.

  1.  4 Weeks to Unit Leader
  2. 5 Powerful Benefits of Avon Sales Leadership and how to advance now!
  3. Build Your Team Now!
HAPPY  AVON ANNIVERSARY TO THE BEST OF THE BEST!   Wishing you many more years of Avon Success!

avon anniversary

  • Annette Comer   1 Year
  • Betty Nulph   8 Years
  • Joyce Boaner    1 Year
  • Brenda Johnston   1 Year
  • Johnna Sweet   1 Year


  • Constance Pullam – Feb 21st
  • Debra Debruycker – Feb 27th
  • Amanda Mcleod – Feb 28th
  • Mary Randolph – Mar 3rd


conference call picture

When you learn more, you will earn more! Be sure to attend one of these conference calls to learn how to build a successful Avon business.  View details Wealth Building Conference Calls here!


Never miss and issue of our Avon Representative Insider News!  Stay informed and watch your business sour

Find it at youravon.com > Campaign Tools > Sales Tools > Avon Representative Insider News

If you are not taking advantage of Avon’s Fundraising Opportunities, you are missing out on $500-$1000 extra a month.  You can offer fundraisers to any organization, club, church, school or individual that is needing to raise money. 

Most organizations will make at least *$2000 each time they have a fundraiser with you.  

As the Avon Representative, you will normally make at least *$500 per fundraiser. 

Find details at youravon.com > earning opportunitites > Fundraising

*earnings are based on total sales of the fundraiser. 

Not a representative yet?  Do you need to make extra money? 

Join my National Team of Avon Representatives?

We are currently looking for self starters and motivated individuals that are ready to put extra money in their pockets.  If you’re a driven & goal-oriented individual who is ready to join one of the most successful and fastest growing direct sales teams in the US, we have a great opportunity for you.

Select this link to learn more about our Wealth Building Opportunity –> www.iNeedExtraMoneyNow.com





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How can you earn $200 every 2 weeks selling Avon?

How can you earn $200 every 2 weeks selling Avon

It is definitely possible for you to make 200 every campaign selling Avon.  Here are step by step instructions for you to follow.

How can you make $200 every campaign selling Avon?  Collect orders from 20 customers each campaign.
$25 order per customer (Avon core products) =$500 order total. You earn $200

How will you get 20 customer orders per campaign?
1. Power of 3, 7 days a week. Offer 3 new people a brochure each day. Make sure you enter their contact information into your weboffice.
2. Contact people from “Your fortune is in the follow up” report in your weboffice.
3. Contact every single person you have ever given a brochure to every campaign before you place your order. Ask them if they would like to place an order. If they don’t want to place an order, offer them a new brochure or send them to your website.

How will you get each customer to place a $25 order?
1. Offer every customer a free gift with every $25 order. The gift should be any $.99 item. I normally use our eye makeup remover when it is on sale for $.99

2. Highlight one scented page each campaign. Fold the page before you give the customer the brochure. Offer the highlighted scent to every customer that places an order.  Highlighting a product with every customer will boost your sales at least $100.   What should you say to customers? When they contact you with their order, ask them to turn to page 67 and rub their wrist along the dotted circle.  Ask them if they like that scent is Haiku and is currently on sale for $28, but, valued at $52.00. Then close the deal by asking if you can add that to their order.  (The page, price and product are just examples)

How many brochures should I order every campaign?
1. Order at least 100 brochures.  You will use them for:
a. 33 brochures for the Power of 3
b. 20 brochures for customer orders (you will give all customers that place an order an new brochure with their order)
c. The extra’s will be given to old customers that did not place a recent order, prospecting, customer appreciation, etc.

2. Order brochures based on how much money you want to make or how many people you want to order from you.

Example: Buy 5 packs of books (50) costs $15.09. Sell to 18 customers x $25 average order = $450 in sales
$450 @ 40% = $180 – $14.69 investment = $164.91 potential earnings (earnings will vary)

BUY 10 packs of books (100) cost $21.49. Sell to 36 customers x $25 average order = $900 order
$900 @ 45% = $405 earnings – $20.99 investment = $383.51 potential earnings (earnings will vary)

Be sure to view the following posts for greater success with your business:

Are you not making the amount of money you would like with your Avon business? Receive my FREE 7 Steps to Get More Avon Customers and Make More Money straight to your mailbox now.     

If you are not already an Avon representative, Become an Avon Representative now.  Let me show you how to turn a one time $15 investment into a $500 a month incomeYou can begin your journey to financial freedom immediately by clicking this link –>  Let me show you how to turn a $15 investment into a $500 a month income!