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Avon Flyers & Files

Hello Avon Representatives!

This page contains files or documents I have used to help grow my business.  I must start with, I NEVER GIVE AWAY A BROCHURE WITHOUT A RECRUITING FLYER!!!  You never know who will want to sign up or will find your brochure.  Staple a recruiting flyer to the inside cover of every brochure and watch how quickly you advance in leadership 🙂

** I do not take credit for all of these files.  Some have been borrowed from other successful representatives. 

***Be sure to review the document before you print and distribute.  Some of the files may need to be updated with our current information.

Feel free to use these files and update them with YOUR information.   Contact me if you need help with growing your business today!


RPS/Mailplan Schedule – This is a schedule of when your orders are due.










RPS 10



Recruiting Flyers

Avon Representatives Needed


Worried about the economy


Fifteen Dollar Bill Recruiting 2014

Are you interested in making $300-$500

10 REASONS to sell avon

6 good reasons

SellAVON_TearTab_flyer (1)

Updated 11/14 – fifteen-dollar-bill-recruiting-2014



4 Weeks to Unit Leader

How to be a successful leader with Avon

5 Powerful Benefits of Leadership and How to advance now


Fundraising Flyers

Fundraiser flyers 6 on 1


Miscellaneous Files

Avon Enter to win forms

Avon Rep Commission Chart

Handout for New Reps

Hot Points

Launching your business checklist




sales tax chart



Labels for Brochures

Christmas label

Enter to win a FREE GIFT label for old brochure

Receive express delivery

Recruiting labels for brochures

recruiting and order labels for brochures


Post you should view

Commonly Used Business Tools and Information


Sales Emails to Downline

Welcome to Avon’s Team Prevail – Day of appointment

Welcome to Avon –  Day 3

Submitting your first order – Send 5 days before order due date

LOA 2 – How to be an Active Seller vs. a Passive Seller

LOA 1 – How to sell Avon

Avon Opportunity

How much money can you make selling Avon

Open Your Avon estore today

Wealth Building Strategy #3 – How to make $200 every campaign.

Wealth Building Strategy #1

Wealth Building Strategy #2



How to find events to participate in.

How to be a successful Avon vendor at events.

How to plan your Avon Holiday Party


Important Avon Phone Numbers

Avon Customer Service          1-513-551-2866

Avon Fast Talk                         1-866-488-2866

Avon Product Information    1-800-445-2866

Leadership Hotline                 1-800-443-2831

Leadership Fax #                     1-770-271-6442

Leadership/Spanish                1-800-443-2831

Internet Support                      1-888-514-2866

Fund-Raisers                            1-800-894-5496

Quick Pay Issues                      1-877-784-5729



If you are not already an Avon representative, Become an Avon Representative now.  Let me show you how to turn a one time $15 investment into a $500 a month incomeYou can begin your journey to financial freedom immediately by clicking this link –>  Let me show you how to turn a $15 investment into a $500 a month income!  

Let’s end this year strong and with lots of extra money in our pockets!

Did you sign up with Avon with high hopes to eliminate debt and to stash money away to finally take that well-deserved vacation you have been talking about, but ended up not doing anything with the business? I get it. We all get busy with life even when we’ve been presented with a great opportunity to  establish a realistic work-life balance. I want to give you permission to pump the breaks on reality and revisit why you said Yes to Avon in the first place. I think anything worthwhile deserves a second chance. Perhaps all you need is to focus on the right activities to get you results you deserve and consistent support. Starting today, I can help you jumpstart your Avon business.

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