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The fastest way to find new Avon customers

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One of the most important aspect of every business is having a strong customer base.   The more paying customers you have, the more money you make.  The struggle you sometimes experience is in finding new customers.   But, that doesn’t have to be the case.   I guarantee this next strategy WILL help you find new Avon customers FAST.

Identify 10 locations where you will deliver brochures every campaign. This could be your doctor’s office, your child’s day care or schools, your office, stores, etc. Start with places you normally would go anyway. Ask your customers if you can bring them a new brochure while they are at work. This gives you the opportunity to offer brochures to their co-workers.

The key to this is consistency. They should expect to see you at least once per month. Choose a specific day of each campaign where you will deliver brochures. Keep a list of locations you will deliver brochures to so that you can keep up with them. As you continue to build your business, continue to add at least one new locations to your distribution route every campaign. The more locations you deliver brochures to, brochures you will distribute, the more customers you will obtain and more your business will grow. More money, More money, More money!

What should you do now????
1. Get a sheet of paper and a pen.
2. Make a list of current locations you are currently delivering brochures to.
3. If you have 10 locations on your list, do your happy dance. Think of one more location you can deliver brochures to.  Add them to your list.
4. If you have less that 10 locations on your list, do your happy dance. You are in the right position to START building a strong foundation.   Make a list of places you frequent and commit to delivering brochures there every campaign.
5. Order more brochures to cover all of your locations. You should be ordering at least 100 brochures every campaign.  Make sure you have your name, phone number and website is on each brochure.
6. Deliver those brochures!

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Author: Look And Be Wealthy

Look and be wealthy empowers women to pursue their greatness in business, life, health and spirituality. As a Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Coach, I inspire women to stop settling for less and to begin living the life they were ordained to live with confidence and determination.

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