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5 Powerful Benefits of Avon Sales Leadership and how to advance now!


5 Powerful Benefits of Avon Sales Leadership and how to advance now!

Enjoy financial freedom

Imagine what life would be like with unlimited earnings potential. Experience the kind of life you’ve always dreamed about for you and your family.

Empower others with the Avon Earning Opportunity

As a Sales Leader, you can enrich other people’s lives by sharing the Avon Opportunity.

Gain valuable professional skills

You’ll learn new business skills that will keep you knowledgeable and successful.

Exclusive business tools to support your business growth.

Be recognized and rewarded

You’ll be amply rewarded for your dedication as a Sales Leader. Many of Avon’s Sales Leaders have earned jewelry, vacations and additional bonuses through exclusive programs.

Get your business on the fast track with Believe in Your Success!

You can accelerate your Sales Leadership performance using the Believe in Your Success reward program.

When you Sell, Share and Show all in the same campaign, you could earn your Believe in Your Success Bonuses, your Sales Leadership earnings from your Downline’s success and advance your title!

 Activities of a Successful Sales Leader:

  1. Build your business and lead by practicing: Prospecting, Appointing, Training and Developing others (PATD).
  2. Maintain your personal sales and fulfill each campaign requirement to be eligible for Sales Leadership bonuses.
  3. Invest wisely by making sure you and your Downline have enough appointment materials, prospecting flyers, brochures and other selling tools.
  4. Show others how to do the same.


If you are not already an Avon representative, Become an Avon Representative now.  You can begin your journey to financial freedom immediately by clicking this link –>  Let me show you how to turn a $15 investment into a $500 a month income!  

If you are already a representative, contact your District Sales Manager (DSM) or Leadership Upline—whomever appointed you as an Avon Representative—to get started prospecting for recruits with your “Who do you know” list. 

Who do you know” list 

This list is the foundation of your business.  If you have not created your list, do it now! If it has been 3 months or more since you reviewed your list, it is time to reconnect with everyone on that list AND add 20 more names to it.

  1. Create a list of 50 people you know.  This list should include friends, family, coworkers, facebook friends, current customers, etc. 
  2. Place a $ next to every person on the list that you believes to make extra money.  Contact them and offer them the opportunity to make an extra $300 to $500 a month by selling Avon.  The phrase that pays is “Do you know anyone that would be interested in making an extra $300-$500 a month?”   Most people respond to the phrase that pays by saying “I want to make an extra $300-$500 a month”. 
  3. Give a brochure to everyone else on your list.  If there are people on the list that you are unable to physically give a brochure to, send them to your web office. 
  4. Make sure you follow up with EVERYONE you give a brochure to or send to your web office.   People live busy lives.  You would be amazed by how many people would order from you if you followed up with them after they receive the brochure. 

Reconnect with everyone on this list every 3 to 4 months

  1. Offer the opportunity to sell Avon again.  Things change in life.  Just because they weren’t interested before, doesn’t mean they aren’t interested now. 
  2. If they are not currently ordering from you, offer them a current brochure.  Confirm that they are receiving your sales emails. (if they are not, get their email address and enter it into WebOffice)
  3. Ask everyone for 5 referrals.  This could be people that would like to order Avon, or, people that are interested in making extra money.

*Your DSM or Upline will provide support and training as you appoint your first Downline member and your DSM, along with your Upline (if applicable), will continue to partner with you as you pursue a successful Leadership business!

*Here are a couple flyers you can place on EVERY brochure start giving to everyone you meet!

6 good reasons

10 REASONS to sell avon

Are you interested in making $300-$500

Fifteen Dollar Bill Recruiting 2014


Worried about the economy

Avon Representatives Needed

View this recruiting document to help build your team today!

Grow a National Team of Avon Representatives using social media!

**Contact me ASAP so that we can create and implement a plan to get you these advancements and BONUSES!!

Helpful tips to remain in leadership!

  1. When working towards titling, ALWAYS double the required number to advance and work towards that.  For example, you need 3 representatives in your downline to submit and order so that you can become and remain a Unit Leader.  Your goal should be to have 6 or more people in your downline.  This is also the strategy you should use with Avon Incentives.  Always double the required number to achieve the incentive.
  2. You should recruit at least 2 new people per week.  This will help you consistently grow your business.  If you are already titled, you should recruit 3-4 people each week.
  3. Don’t pre-judge!  Offer the opportunity to sell Avon to EVERYONE.  You never know who your next Super Star it!
  4. Communicate with your downline at least once every campaign.  Sometimes a friendly text saying Hello could spark a business changing conversation. 

 Avon Incentives you DO NOT want to miss out on!

Just For Us: Share the Beauty of Avon  

Just for Us Incentive is for All Avon Representatives  receive the “Just for Us” bundle ($119 value) when you sign up your first team member who places an order of $100 or more in their first campaign! Plus receive a $35 check for each subsequent new qualifying rep during the incentive time period.


I AM EXCITED!!!  “Just for Us” bigger bonuses for title advancement!  Do you know someone who would like to earn a little extra this Holiday season? Maybe have enough to buy extra special gifts for their family? We’re sure you do! Share the Beauty of being an Avon Representative with friends and earn ‘Just for Us’ rewards.

The sky’s the limit…so get out there and help everyone start their very own Avon businesses!

So here is how it works.

Invite More to Join Avon and Earn Title Advancement Bonus

The more you Invite to Join Avon the more Title Advancement Bonuses you will earn! 

Let’s end this year strong and with lots of extra money in our pockets!

Did you sign up with Avon with high hopes to eliminate debt and to stash money away to finally take that well-deserved vacation you have been talking about, but ended up not doing anything with the business? I get it. We all get busy with life even when we’ve been presented with a great opportunity to  establish a realistic work-life balance. I want to give you permission to pump the breaks on reality and revisit why you said Yes to Avon in the first place. I think anything worthwhile deserves a second chance. Perhaps all you need is to focus on the right activities to get you results you deserve and consistent support. Starting today, I can help you jumpstart your Avon business.

  1. Not in my downline?  Click this link to join my 30 Days to Profits, valued at $297,  for only $97.Sell Avon 
  2. Already in my downline?  Your enrollment is FREE.  Email me now so that I can enroll you asap –> avonseul@gmail.com















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